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Department introduction:

The hospital has various departments and introduction of some areas below:-

Our Surgery Department:-

We have a set of modern well-equipped operation theatres with facility of recovery room, labor room and dressing room etc All theatres are supported with the latest equipments e.g. OT Tables & OT Lights, Central sterile supply department, Central gas & Air supply department, updated anesthesiology, automatic constant power supply system, and qualified staff. We also have Laparoscopic, Arthroscopic, Operating Microscopic, Endoscopic, Uroteroscopic facilities and more many types of equipment for all kinds of advanced surgeries/procedures.

General Surgery Department:-

All kinds of general surgical procedures inclusive of open as well as laparoscopic abdominal surgery, surgery of Endocrine organs and peripheral structures are being carried out. Dr. Manish Goyal , are Carrying out general surgeries regularly. Besides these consultants, many other surgeons are also doing specialized surgeries.

Neonatal & Pediatrics Surgery Department:-

Under this specialized branch 1-day-old babies to 14 years old children are being operated under The cares of super specialist ... Under this branch following surgeries/procedures are being carried out regularly: Pediatric Gastro - Intestinal surgery, Hepatobiliary Surgery, Pediatric Urology, Pediatric Thoracic surgery, Pediatric Neuro surgery, Congenital Malformations, and pediatric laparoscopic surgeries. Pediatric Oncology We are also doing Pediatric Endoscopy such as- Oesophagoscopy, Bronchoscope Endurology, and Laparoscopy.

Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery


In addition to the unit of Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive surgeries, a unit of microscopic surgery and a specialized Burn Unit are functioning under the supervision of super specialized Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon. Our Burn unit is fully equipped and is provided in an isolated space in different campus. 4

Department of Genitourinary Surgery:-

This department is functioning under the supervision of the super specialized genitourinary surgeon doing all kinds of Endo Urological procedures.

Department of Gyn. & Obs:-

This department is functioning with all updated facility such as antenatal monitoring, programmed labor as well as painless delivery etc. Under this department Endoscopic and Laparoscopic surgeries are being also carried out. We have a team of 4 surgeons. Besides our own team others also do the surgeries of their high profile patients...

Department of Orthopedic & Traumatology:-

Under the close supervision of the management, department is functioning with round the clock emergency and causality department to take all kinds of accidents. We also have the facility of specialized Joint replacement & minimal invasive orthopedics under the supervision of arthroscopy surgeon. The department is also having an image intensifier with close circuit TV monitoring for accurate results. A specialized physiotherapy unit is also functioning under the guidance of an orthopedic surgeon.

Department of Ophthalmology:-

It is one of the highly advance State of the Art unit of the U.P.& Uttaranchal State. Department is functioning with all diagnostic, surgical and other routine services related to posterior and anterior segment.

Department of Otonasolaryngology (ENT):-

Our Doctor are carrying out all kinds of ENT related surgeries regularly. Besides routine surgeries we have the facility of operating microscope and endoscopes for advanced procedures. We also have the facility for hearing aids.

Department of Oncology:-

Cancer surgeon is doing the cancer surgery. Under the supervision. we have the facility of chemotherapy also. We also have an in house cancer physician to look after the post operation consequences.

Department of Neuro Surgery:-

Head injury & spinal trauma, Brain Tumor, Brain Hemorrhage, disc prolapsed, spinal surgery, Brain & Spinal cord disease etc. are being treated by this unit. Dr. Arun Singh, Neuro surgeon is heading the department. Besides him other Neuro surgeons are also performing the surgeries. Department also has the in house support of the Neuro physician. To deal with head injuries we have a good team of specialists for trauma management.

Department of Oral & Dental Care Unit:-

A specialized dental unit is being managed for all kinds of the dental surgeries, oral & cosmetic care, and implantation. We have a team of Implantologist, oral & Dental Surgeon, and Dental & Cosmetic Surgeon. Unit is having all modern equipments and programmed dental chair. Department also has the dental X-ray. Department of Medicine:- We have all kinds of wards considering economic status, sex, specialization and illness. All wards are being looked after by the qualified nursing staff and supported by the well-trained ward assistant and cleaning staff. A team of qualified supervisor under the control of the Nursing superintendent is monitoring each ward. We also have a team of executives having completed hospital management course for the patient care. All wards are connected with the central oxygen & Air system. We also have the dieticians and patients’ kitchen separate from the general kitchen being controlled by the experienced & qualified staff & Cook under the guidance of the dieticians.

Department of General Medicine:-

A large team of specialized physicians is treating all kinds of medical disorders including endocrinology. We also have an emergency team of resident doctors for the better & immediate cure.

Department of Neurology:-

This Department is functioning under the supervision of the super specialist in neurology treating all kinds of neurological disorders. Dr. M.P. Singh is treating the patient of these ailments.

Department of Gastroenterology:-

Through this department DM Gastroenterology, Dr. Vivek Agarwal is extending their super specialized services. Department is equipped with the endoscopes such as gastro scope, Colonoscopy etc for diagnostic as well as therapeutic treatment.

Department of Pediatrics & Neonatology:-

The department has all specialized wards such as NICU, PICU, and a separate ward for children. The department is being managed by a team of pediatric & Neonatal consultants and supported by the senior resident in pediatrics. NICU is fully equipped with the baby warmers, phototherapy units, pulse ox meters, neonatal ventilator etc. The unit also provides the coverage to babies at the time of birth in labor room/operation theatre. The unit also runs immunization clinic. PICU is also fully equipped and connected with the central oxygen and suction pipeline system.

Department of tuberculosis & Chest Diseases:-

It is functioning under the supervision of specialists of this branch, Dr. Amit Gupta. It is also having allergy testing arrangement and pulmonary function test facility.

Department of Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine:-

A team of specialized anesthesiologists is providing their special care in the Operation Theatre, ICU, Emergency department and pain management. The department has 15-bedded ICU with bedside monitoring connected to central monitoring station for close observation. Both units are well equipped and connected with central oxygen, suction and compressed air system. Department has three well equipped operation theatre with supply of clean air free from microbes.

Emergency Department:-

We have full-fledged Emergency Department, working round the clock under the supervision of MD Anesthesia, MD Medicine, M.S Orthopedics, M. S General Surgery and qualified paramedical professionals. Department is divided in to two parts emergency operation theater, and emergency ward. All these two units are having the facility of: Modernized & equipped Patient Transfer trolley. Monitors with ECG, SPO2, & NIBP Monitoring, Resuscitation equipments. Centralized Oxygen, Air & Suction, Back up of all super specialists on call, Emergency cart with all Emergency drugs & equipments Modernized well equipped operation Theatre with well Qualified O.T.staff.

Department of critical care medicine:-

For all critically ill patients we have the critical care units. These units have been categorized as follows:

Intensive Care Unit (ICU):-

It is being operated under the close monitoring of two intensivists and 2:1 patient - staff ratio round the clock. Each bed is Covered with centralized oxygen & suction facility & equipped with multi- Para monitor (having facility for both invasive & non invasive monitoring), infusion pumps, volumetric pump, and emergency drugs. Besides these 5 ventilators, 2 BIPAP, 1 defibrillator, one Temporary pacemakers and life saving equipments are being placed in the unit. Both surgical & medical emergencies are being managed in the ICU. The Hospital has divided the ICU in two parts named SEPTIC & ASEPTIC ICU of 8 beds each. This is done to check hospital acquired infection & Ventilator associated pneumonias and fumigation is possible from time to time in such divisions of ICU.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU):-

NICU is being looked after by the pediatrician and qualified nursing staff in 3:1 patient-staff ratio. Each bed is covered with centralized oxygen, air & suction facility & equipped with warmers, photo therapy units , monitors (having facility for both invasive & non invasive monitoring), infusion pumps, volumetric pumps, and emergency drugs. Besides these 2 ventilators and other life saving equipments are also being placed in the unit. The hospital also has high frequency oscillatory ventilator for low birth weight babies.

Surgical Specialties:-

All types of surgeries are performed, in the surgery department. For which, department has OT complex, comprising 3 OTS, Autoclave room, Pre & post operative room, Doctor sitting room and Doctor & Staff change room. Surgeries are being performed round the clock. Theaters are equipped with diathermy, ligature, suction, microscope, laparoscope, Pathak Hospital Multi Super Speciality Hospital arthroscopy, endo-urology equipments, upper & lower G I endoscopes, Ventilators, hydraulic OT tables, OT lights, image intensifier, micro drill, surgical operative hand equipments & specialized surgical equipments. Besides above facilities all theaters are connected with centralized oxygen, Suction, and nitrous oxide. The hospital has anesthesia work station equipped with anesthesia ventilator, Halothane and Isofluorane vaporizers with provision of open & close circuit ventilation.

Pre & Post Operative Room:-

Each OT complex is having pre & post operative room and functioning under the supervision of resident doctor & paramedical staff and supported with monitors, centralized oxygen, & suction, Boyles apparatus, equipment for resuscitation like ambu-bag, Bain circuit, laryngoscope, and emergency drugs.

Pre Anesthesia Clinic (PAC):-

There is a pre anesthesia clinic to have a pre-assessment of the patient who is undergoing for the surgery. Clinic works 9 am to 1 pm and MD Anesthesiology provides their services on rotation basis. PAC is having the following equipments: • Multi Para monitor having ECG, SPO2, NIBP, Biochemistry Department:- Hospital has round the clock facility for Biochemistry analysis to emergency & critically ill patients. Department has latest analyzers & other equipment.

Microbiology departments:-

Hospital has microbiology dept under highly qualified microbiologist.

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