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Pathak Hospital

Multi Super Speciality Hospital Other Allied Department


We of patients right from 09:00 Hrs to 20:00 Hrs. have full fledged under mentioned departments, working round the clock under the administrative control of General Manager (Allied Services). Well qualified medical professionals & paramedical staff are specially trained for both sick & healthy human beings for rendering these services. Departments are rendering the services of physiotherapy, dietetics, clinical psychology, Trauma dental services, and OPD Services for all kinds Dietetic services:- The hospital has a full fleshed dietetic department under control of Km Aditi Srivastava qualified dietician


Canteen Services:-

The hospital has a canteen to supply fresh and healthy food to their patient and their attendant on subsidized rates .The canteen also supply the food according to the need of the patient as advisedby dietician/ Doctor. Utility Services

Water Supply:-

An RO plant has been installed in the hospital to provide safe drinking water to their patient and attendants, a water cooler also provided in the summer


The Hospital has a Generator of 40 KVA to provide continuous and unreported electric supply.

HVAC System:-

The Hospital is equipped with latest air handling unit to supply clean air free from Microbes, fungus, viruses and particles of less than 0.5 micron size, It has provision to supply hot & cold air in all departments with thermo controlled regulation with positive pressure. It is an unique feature of this hospital to control hospital acquired infection.

Ambulance services:-

The hospital has one own ambulance and four ambulances from outsides, for shifting and bringing the Critical ill patients having life saving equipments and emergency medicines with trained doctor, nursing staff, and along with multipurpose driver. Out of five ambulances two ambulances are specially meant for shifting cardiac and respiratory emergencies. These are well equipped with ventilator, suction apparatus, Monitor, Defibrillator infusion pumps with reserve large Oxygen cylinder.

List of Major Equipments

S.N. Particulars Qty.

  • 1 Ventilator Adult 8
  • 2 Ventilator Infant/Child 4
  • 3 Defibrillator 2
  • 4 Bipap 2
  • 5 Cpap 1
  • 6 ABG 1
  • 7 Finger Pulse-oximeter 5
  • 8 Multi Parameter 40
  • 9 Syringe Pump/Infusion Pump 20 20
  • 10 Warmer 12
  • 11 Photo-therapy 6
  • 12 Image Intensifier 2
  • 13 Centralized Medical Oxygen Supply For Every Bad
  • 14 Centralized Suction Plant For Every Bad
  • 15 SLED Dialysis unit 1 Unit
  • 16 Bain Circuit 8
  • 17 Operative Microscope 1
  • 18 Laparoscopic Unit 1 Unit
  • 19 Dialysis Machine 5
  • 20 X-ray Machine 1
  • 21 Fetal Heart Monitoring 1
  • 22 Ultrasound Machine 1
  • 23 ECHO 1
  • 24 Color Doppler Machine 1
  • 25 ECG Machine 2
  • 26 TMT 1

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